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Enmark Tool & Gage Co. Inc.
Specializing in Gages, Fixtures & Automated Machines
18100 Cross Drive / Fraser, Mi. 48026
Phone: (586) 293-2797 / Fax: (586) 293-1037

Enmark Tool & Gage Company has come a long way since it was founded in 1951. Specializing in the manufacturing of machine tool sub assemblies, Enmark Tool & Gage produces many of the larger mill, drill and tap style heads, as well as fixtures that are used by the major machine builders.

The main product of this group is the manufacture and rebuild assemblies of drill heads, large mill heads, precision spindles, drive units and fixtures. We are a quality minded company offering the latest certifications. Each completed unit is subjected to comprehensive testing under simulated operating conditions. The testing includes running the unit while checking for decibel readings of head noise, heat generation through the casting, excessive vibration and oil leakage. All test result information is documented, charted and forwarded to the customer with each unit along with dimensional inspection reports as required.

From raw material through machining, inspection and assembly, Enmark Tool & Gage
is your 'one stop shop'.

Noting the success by which Enmark Tool & Gage has served our customers in the machine tool industry, it is no wonder that we look to the future with great optimism.

Shown below are numerous examples of Machine Tool assemblies manufactured or rebuilt here at Enmark Tool & Gage Company.

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